2017 Windsor Essex Great Lakes Event

Thank you to all the volunteers and participants that made the event such a great success!

FLL Tournaments

Guided by FLL Core Values, teams build LEGO-based autonomous robots and develop research projects based on a real-world Challenge that changes annually.

FRC Districts

Mentored by professional engineers, programmers, and entrepreneurs, teams compete with up-to-120-pound robots compete in an arena – combining the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology.

Educational & Off Season Events

Educational events that teach programming, design, business and marketing skills grow the skills of the teams. Off season events and tournaments gets the community to grow.

The Windsor Essex Great Lakes Regional is one part NASCAR,
one part Super Bowl, and one part rock concert. It’s young people
working closely with industry mentors as a team to solve complex
problems. The FIRST program challenges kids, teaches them real
world skills and ignites the passion that we all look for on our
teams in industry. We have supported FIRST teams for over 10
years and have hired some great FIRST alumni. The program works.

Michael J. Beneteau

CEO, Centerline (Windsor) Ltd

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