Jr. FLL - Mission Moon

What do you need to know about the Moon to live there? What will you eat and drink? How will you get energy? How will you breathe? What will you do for fun? What other problems will you have to solve?

Design and build a Moon Base. Use the LEGO® rocket ship and other elements from the Inspire Set to help you. Show your ideas for how to solve one or more of the problems you explored. Also be sure to use LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 to build and program at least one motorized part of your Moon Base.

Make a Show Me poster. Use it and your Moon Base to share what you have learned with others. Participate in an Expo, invite your family and friends to a special team meeting, or share your Engineering Notebook to show what you know about living on the Moon!

Download the Challenge Guide here

FLL - Into Orbit

Solve problems in: The Robot Game

M01 – Space Travel
* Start each Payload clearly rolling down the Space Travel Ramp.
M02 – Solar Panel Array
* Angle the Solar Panels for points
M03 – 3D Printing
Eject the 2×4 Brick by placing a Regolith Core Sample into the 3D Printer
M04 – Crater Crossing
All weight-bearing features of the crossing equipment must cross completely between the towers
M05 – Extraction
Move the various Core Samples into specified zones
M06 – Space Station Modules
Inserted Modules must not be touching anything except the Habitation Hub
M07 – Space Walk Emergency
Move Gerhard so his body is inserted into the Habitation Hub’s Airlock Chamber
M08 – Aerobic Exercise
Advance the Exercise Machine’s Pointer by moving one or both of the Handle Assemblies
M09 – Strength Exercise
Lift the Strength Bar so the tooth-strip’s 4th hole comes partly into view
M10 – Food Production
Spin the Food Growth Chamber’s colors
M11 – Escape Velocity
Get the spacecraft to go so fast that it stays up
M12 – Satellite Orbits
Move any part of a Satellite on or above the area between the two lines of the Outer Orbit
M13 – Observatory
Get the pointer tip in the orange, white, or gray end-borders
M14 – Meteoroid Deflection
Send Meteoroids over the Free-Line to touch the mat in the Meteoroid Catcher
M15 – Lander Touch-Down
Move the Lander intact around the Mat, or completely into the Base

Solve problems in: The Project
Your Project assignment for the INTO ORBIT season is to identify a physical or social problem faced by humans during long duration space exploration within our Sun’s solar system and propose a solution.

Download the Challenge Overview here

FTC - Rover Ruckus

Game Description TBA – Check back after Kickoff on September 8th!

FRC - Destination: Deep Space

Game Description TBA – Check back after Kickoff on January 6, 2019!