Windsor-Essex Great Lakes District Event

Windsor-Essex Great Lakes Event 2022
April 2, 2022

University of Windsor



Competition and Cooperation come together at the these events to bring the robots and teams to a higher level of coopertition.

World Class Machine Shop

St Clair College provides the teams with not only access to a huge assortment of world class machinery, but also the support and technical abilities of world class technicians and machinists.

International Event

Teams from all over the world come to Windsor in March to compete at Canada’s largest FRC Event


With 39 teams and over 1000 students, the teams can extend their network of support to a variety of teams.

All The Right Things

Sporting competitions seem to be what we obsess over, frankly. So if we can put engineering, science, technology into a format of healthy, fun competition, we can attract all sorts of kids that might not see the kind of activity we do as accessible or rewarding.

– Dean Kamen